Welcome to Spectra

Spectra is a leader in Virtual Desktops & Multi Location Computing. Spectra Virtual Desktops are deployed in every industry / business verticals in the diverse markets over the years & with lots of success stories; transforming the use of Personal Desktops to Virtual Desktops with affordability in mind.

Computers today are powerful enough and a normal desktop user cannot consume the computing power it can deliver. To leverage on this excess available computing resource, Spectra Virtual Desktops are the ideal end points for the users, wether they are connected on LAN or Internet. This results in savings in hardware, software licenses, maintenance running costs.

Spectra Virtual Desktops are used in Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Railways, Government.

Lower Capital Cost

Spectra Virtual Desktops rely on the Host for the Operating System / Applications. This reduces the capital expenditure thereby saving upto 50% at the time of buying.

Lower Power Consumption

Spectra Virtual Desktops consume as low as 3W to 40W depending on the models as compared to Desktops consuming 150W to 200W energy whereby saving upto 80% of electricity.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Spectra Virtual Desktops rely on the Host for Operating System / Applications. This results in near to Zero maintenance, saving maintance time & money

Environment Friendly

Low or Zero Heat & Carbon Emissions. RoHS Certified Hardware. Spectra loves nature.

Thin Clients

A thin client is a networked computer with few locally stored programs & a dependence on network resources. Has limited resources of its own, sharing computation needs by using the resources of server. A thin client often has low cost hardware with few / no moving parts and can function better in a hostile environment.

Mini PC

Mini PCs are full-capability computers, small enough to mount at the back of the LED Display or tuck into the drawer. The performance of today's highly efficient processors and local ssd storage let Mini PCs handle complex tasks while keeping a low profile at home or at work.

Desktop & AIO

Spectra's secure and manageable business-class desktops, delivering reliable productivity for end-users. The Desktops are designed to provide all the essentials and flexibility your business needs, in innovative form factors, security, configurability and manageability.

Servers & Workstations

Spectra Workstations are high-performance computer systems  designed for a single user and has advanced graphics capabilities, large storage capacity, and a powerful processor. It is more capable than a PC & handles immense data-processing and reporting tasks. Perfect to use in CAD/CAM, Graphics Design & Video Processing.


Spectra AppAnywhere turns your Windows System into a full blown Terminal Server. A perfect alternative to Citrix / Propalms / Go Global, with no limits. Supports Multiple / unlimited concurrent sessions; is available on Windows 7/10, Server 2012/2016/2019. Includes Web access, seamless client, loadbalancing, universal printer and much more...

Distributed Products

Spectra is a Distributor for -
  • Asustor (NAS & Backup Devices)
  • AsrockRack (Server & Workstation Motherboards)
  • Inspur Branded Servers
  • Gamemax Gaming Case & PSU
  • NetBytes Server Components