Spectra is a leader in Virtual Desktops & Multi Location Computing. Spectra Virtual Desktops are deployed in every industry / business verticals in the diverse markets over the years & with lots of success stories; transforming the use of Personal Desktops to Virtual Desktops with affordability in mind.

Computers today are powerful enough and a normal desktop user cannot consume the computing power it can deliver. To leverage on this excess available computing resource, Spectra Virtual Desktops are the ideal end points for the users, wether they are connected on LAN or Internet. This results in savings in hardware, software licenses, maintenance & running costs.

Spectra Virtual Desktops are used in Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Railways, Government.

Lower Capital Cost

Spectra Virtual Desktops rely on the Host for the Operating System / Applications. This reduces the capital expenditure thereby saving upto 50% at the time of buying.

Lower Power Consumption

Spectra Virtual Desktops consume as low as 3W to 40W depending on the models as compared to Desktops consuming 150W to 200W energy whereby saving upto 80% of electricity.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Spectra Virtual Desktops rely on the Host for Operating System / Applications. This results in near to Zero maintenance, saving maintance time & money

Environment Friendly

Low or Zero Heat & Carbon Emissions. RoHS Certified Hardware. Spectra loves nature.


Every business has different requirements and we have a Virtual Desktop to take care. Be it education, SME, Enterprise, Retail - we have one for all. Our range is not just limited to x86 / ARM / Zero or SOC. We understand the customer need and suggest a Virtual Desktop.


Thanks our clients for the awesome testimonials

Caring For Environment

Spectra has been working in the area of safe disposal of electronic waste.