Spectra Authenticator

For years companies have been deploying external services for employees and collaborators to provide access to online resources and remote work environments. Yet, with the increasing amount of Internet-based threats, using static passwords is not secure enough and implementing strong authentication mechanisms has become a necessity.

Spectra Authenticator addresses the problem of authentication and access control of end-users to Microsoft environments and AppAnywhere. Spectra Authenticator supports many authentication mechanisms with event-based, time-based and challenge-based Tokens, out-of-band SMS and Mail, Yubikey, etc...

The need to secure access to online Windows Servers is increasing every day. This is the result of the business evolution where companies' staff work from remote locations, use mobile devices and develop their corporate or external services on the cloud. In this context, it is important that employees, customers and collaborators get strongly identified and authenticated when accessing sensitive systems and data.

  • SMS
  • Smart phone Soft Token application
  • Smart phone Soft Token application


  • Achieve strong security for your critical systems with a convenient and efficient user experience.
  • Save costs with lower solution TCO and very minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements in the government, industry, healthcare or financial sectors
  • Lower TCO with Cost-Effective Licen

Enterprise-Grade Security Solution

Spectra Authenticator is the most advanced two-factor authentication solution ever. It is versatile, device-independent and based on opened security standards. Spectra Authenticator provides fine-grained user identity and access management (IAM), one-time passwords authentication technologies (OTP) and extensive authentication policies for your AD / workgroup users. Spectra Authenticator provides two-factor authentication with a maximum of flexibility, ease of installation and use. Even though it offers the highest level of functionality available in the market, it is designed for higher performances and simpler integrations. As a result Spectra Authenticator is the only solution with such a set of features, which is being successfully deployed by companies without requiring any additional assistance.

Flexible Licensing and Competitive Pricing

With its flexible licensing options and very competitive pricing, Spectra Authenticator brings an unbeatable combination of cost-efficiency and security to corporate access, Spectra Authenticator Enterprise Edition is available via permanent licenses or subscription-based models. You do not need technology experts and expensive consultancy to start with the Spectra Authenticator two-factor experience!

Efficient and Easy

Spectra Authenticator Authentication Server provides two-factor security with more flexibility, more security, easy installation / integration and a very cost-effective licensing. It has the highest level of functionality in the sector and is designed with performance, simplicity and scalability. Spectra Authenticator solutions are all-inclusive with many authentication methods and APIs included, fine-grained security policies per-users/groups/domains/clients, QRCode provisioning, SMS, audit capabilities; with a very simple management interface.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Spectra Authenticator uses the existing user directories (without requiring replication or synchronization). The software is provided with self-installer packages and require very or no maintenance.

And with Spectra Authenticator solutions:

  • Policies can be refined by groups, users and clients.
  • Multi-Factor with Active-Directory/workgroup combined with OTP password.
  • SMS OTP is compatible with a large range of SMS providers.
  • Software Tokens enrollment leverages QRCodes with Google Authenticator and TiQR for a painless and intuitive end-user enrollment process.

Regulatory Compliance

Spectra Authenticator security solutions help companies achieving regulatory compliances required in the government, industry, healthcare and financial sectors. This includes PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc...

Exclusive Innovative Solutions

Spectra Authenticator user an exclusive authentication system with an intuitive "scan screen to login" approach. Users simply register and authenticate via scanning QRCodes. The authentication uses mobile-to-server communications and the OATH-OCRA algorithm. It supports an offline mode when the user mobile does not have data network coverage.